Saturday, July 28, 2007

with reguards to the play

Junior Cohort
Center for Higher Education and Policy Analysis
27 July 2007

It is one thing to just listen, it is another to take what we have learned and apply it. That is the basic principal we were trying to adhere to while searching for our concept as a token to society. We have learned that it is not enough just to listen, but all of us have to take part in a cause that we believe. We believed in the cause of educating. We collectively wrote “The Journey Taken” as an educational forum in order to voice our political ideology, drawing inspiration from articles, speakers and novels that have been provided by SummerTIME. We are greatly thankful that they have opened our minds in thinking critical on how society and the government works. SummerTIME has changed our views on immigration and the immigration issue, they have given us knowledge that is irreplaceable. Our instructor gave us the opportunity for creativity and for that this play came into bloom as it is now. This is the manifestation of our hard work and our dedication for change.
Junior Cohort 2007

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