Saturday, July 28, 2007

with reguards to the play

Junior Cohort
Center for Higher Education and Policy Analysis
27 July 2007

It is one thing to just listen, it is another to take what we have learned and apply it. That is the basic principal we were trying to adhere to while searching for our concept as a token to society. We have learned that it is not enough just to listen, but all of us have to take part in a cause that we believe. We believed in the cause of educating. We collectively wrote “The Journey Taken” as an educational forum in order to voice our political ideology, drawing inspiration from articles, speakers and novels that have been provided by SummerTIME. We are greatly thankful that they have opened our minds in thinking critical on how society and the government works. SummerTIME has changed our views on immigration and the immigration issue, they have given us knowledge that is irreplaceable. Our instructor gave us the opportunity for creativity and for that this play came into bloom as it is now. This is the manifestation of our hard work and our dedication for change.
Junior Cohort 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Immigration Pamphlet Report

Henry Franco, Stephanie Dorsey, Lidia Corona, Jaycee Melendez, Jenny Thai, Christian Escobedo, Yun-Jung Choi
Coach Marino and Coach Katrina
Junior Cohort
Project Report
27 July 2007

As an individual group, we came up with the idea of writing a pamphlet for undocumented students. We want to inform undocumented students about financial aid, college, and that they are not alone in their endeavors of pursuing a higher education. Undocumented students often predict that they are not able to receive financial aid because they undocumented; however, we want to show them that there are as many opportunities for them as there is for U.S. citizens. Some undocumented students do not go to college for the fear not affording it, but there are so many scholarships and organizations willing to help them succeed. It is a matter of time for undocumented students to realize that there is money waiting for them and we are willing to help them because our purpose is to inform the public about our project and how it‘s going to help others.

Working on a pamphlet was not as easy as it seemed. Our group had to set aside a timeline to take advantage of the time we had in class, rules for each group member telling them what they had to work on, and a needs list telling us what we had to get done and if we had to use a computer. Our group was set as follows; Lidia Corona and Stephanie Dorsey worked on the summary of AB540, Christian Escobedo and Yun-Jung Choi worked on examples, Jaycee Melendez and Henry Franco found Scholarships, finally yet importantly the Artwork in our cover page by Jenny Thai and Henry Franco. We began by starting an outline and rough draft of our pamphlet. To organize the pamphlet all the scholarships, the AB540 information, the examples, and other materials had to be collected. The group wanted more scholarship research and was able to get it done on time for last minute assembling. The pamphlet’s cover had to be ready by Monday July 23, 2007 so that Henry was able to photocopy the artwork on it. The group later decided to distribute the pamphlets in some of our high schools, community colleges, and educational programs. Our goals for the last week of SummerTIME were, Saturday July 21, 2007 everything had to be typed and Sunday a rough draft done. Start editing the rough draft on, type final draft and assembling the packet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday work on last minute items by adding more information on pamphlet and arranging the final draft; finally, on Friday the group can distribute our project.

Through this project, our group learned many things on how to take action for our community. Learning that our project will make a difference in an undocumented student’s life is a good way to pay us back for our hard work. We were able to get a sense of gratitude when we know that we are helping others. Our project is a way to take people out of their ignorance that college is not for them due to poor economic status. Informing people of what the Dream Act and AB540 through our project informs us that the community will be aware of how to help undocumented students. It is through students like us, the SummerTIME students that doors open for people that want an education
With out a beret my
lyrics will let
I walk through the streets of Havana
And I'm a let
The infer red soak
Am I a victim of an infinite joke?
The reversal of the mirrors and smoke
I love the place that I live, but I hate the people in charge
Who's to say we aren't getting stronger?
Who's to say I can't live without you?
Who are they anyway? Anyway they don't know
My home is here, America!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Nidia, Helen, and Deysi's group project is to get signitures for a petition that supports the Dream Act, which would give undocumented students the priviledge to pursue a higher education and become legalized. These signitures will be an important contribution to the organization that they are helping, El Comite de Padres Unidos (Commitee of the United Fathers) because by the time the program is over, Nidia, Helen, and Deysi will send the signitures to the commitee, and the commitee will send it to Congress. We are hoping to help make a difference with our contribution. If you would also like to help, visit this link

Roberto Leni

Roberto Leni is from Chile. He came to the United States for he and his family were kicked out from his home country. He attended high school in the U.S. He was a very shy person and did not speak to many people. Roberto based his way of being and the way he wrote in Spanish.He felt that he was supposed to portrait himself in Spanish. He then realized that people saw him as a white person because of his appereance. Though he managed to write well in Spanish, he then realized that he could write well in English. Now he is a successful writer, he most likely lives in the USC campus and he is also a councelor at USC.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

no one else

Why are there pieces of love that dont belong
Nations droppin bombs
Chemical gasses fillin lungs of little ones
Instead of spreading love we're spreading animisty
Lack of understanding, leading away from unity
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
And a life no one can reach

You believed I loyalty
But if you only have love for your own race
Then you only leave space to discriminate
Whatever happened to the fairness in equality
Everyone that you’ve known in the safety of your home
And now you would be known by no name except deportee
Going into a strange world of our opportunity
Where billions are spent on bombs creating death showers
The bottom line is money nobody gives a fuck
Whatever happened to the values of humanity…?

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