Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Svenja was born in a little town outside of Hamburg, Deutschland (Germany). Not much is known about Svenja's personal life in Northern Germany nor do we know much about her family. However, what we do know is that she traveled to Ireland one summer for vacation and meet a nice Mexican gentlemen there.

During that summer both Svenja and her nice aquaintances became closer to one another and ultimately fell in love with one another. The sad truth Auf Wiedersehen (Good Bye's) are sad. Therefore, after Svenja's return to Germany she decided that she wanted to pursue that romance to America. Svenja began to apply for a Visa that will eventually allow her to see her lover once more.

Svenja says, "I had to pay a lot of fees to get the student visa." Yet that was not an obstacle for her since since she also mentioned that getting a student visa in Germany is pretty easy, you just need to wait a few months versus Latin Americans.

When Svenja achieved to receive her Student Visa it was easy for Svenja to transition into American culture: She came from a first-world country, she was familiar with English, and could easily assimulate with the "dominant" culture in the United States.

Despite that she identifies herself more Deutsches (German) than she will ever consider herself American. Her love for the man she loves is the reason she decided to immigrate to the United States. Yet even though Svenja is able to assimulate into American culture she still encounters barriers and obstacles. For example, Svenja mentions, "The problem about being an international student is that U have to pay internatiional fees to go to college...You cannot vote...[and] I am only allowed to work 20 hours per week."

Svenja is forced to pay International fees in Los Angeles Trade Tech. However, she is not so much as a materialistic individual and does not want to be a burden on her parents by making them pay for her education. Rather then doing that, Svenja works the little she can after she applied for her work visa.

The ironic part about Svenja's partner is that he is also an immigrant. Yet unlike Svenja, her boyfriend was able to marry a United States citizen so he could get his legal status in the U.S.A. Svenja comments, "I am thankful for the woman who married my he is getting a divorce," while giggling. Hence, Svenja's life as a Caucasian immigrant in America can be debated if whether or not her life is easier. But, when questioned if she missed Deutschland she responded, "I feel like a prisoner here [Los Angeles]. I miss walking in the forest."

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